4/4/11 - Barry Bonds, Fab Five, UConn

827am…This is what pisses me right now. Bullshit persecution prosecution of Barry Bonds. Latest Daily Beast: http://thebea.st/gASNJh Long hiatus I know. Publisher breathing down my neck as he should. Preparing fucking taxes today. What’s the fucking point? If Barry Bonds was not viewed as an “uppity nigger,” he never would have been prosecuted. It is a terrible term to use but accurate. Jalen Rose is full of shit. He acts like he went to Shitville State. He went to one of the best universities in the country. Innercity is filled with kids who do not have a prayer. Good athletes with Division i potential are the lone exception. Jimmy King said Fab Five all inner city . Bullshit. King grew up in elite suburb of Plano, Jackson in Austin, Weber to private school. Whole documentary was biased horseshit. Does anything really think that conduct of Fab Five off the court was good? On the court great. They did get titles stripped for god damn cheating. They were entitled pricks who thought they deserved money. They do—not under table. How come Weber was not interviewed? Because he knows he’s guilty as hell. Jimmy King calling Laettner a bitch. How was King’s NBA career? I don’t remember Fab Five being hated. I remember Fab Five being cool. Fans white and black into into. Check out faces at Crisler arena. Jalen knew exactly what would be effect of “Uncle Tom” quote. He produced the fucking doc. He wanted to create buzz. Plus now he has DUI. Jalen Rose is right that college athletes are exploited. Have written that a thousand times. Should be paid up front. But not under table. Instead of worry about Grant Hill being “Uncle Tom” wanting to get education, how come Rose didn’t do same at Michigan? When will whites admit to the fact they have racial biases of all ages except for hip-hop white wannabes. Pull your fucking pants up. McGwire played it right when he broke record, though he was aloof prick in clubhouse. St. Louis, most forgiving fans, hate him. To call a black man an “Uncle Tom” is like calling a jew a kike or an italian a wop. Rose knew that. He went for the PrR explosion. What advice could McGwire give Cards players on batting—take fucking steroids and lie about it. Probably in kitchen making designer ones. BTW Butler versus Connecticut. Wake me up over. Calhoun miserable cheating fuck. Calhoun asked paid state official in Connecticut. When asked goes off like it’s nobody’s business. Taxpayer business asshole. Fuck you. Yes UConn bball makes money, all of which am sure is used to support other silly-asses minor sports programs have nothing do with academics. All right. Got to go. Now fucking accountant yelling. Final thought—Fab Five name should be changed to Fab Fucked it Up…913am


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