4/6/11 - Buzz Drops a Fab Five Buzzbomb on Jason Hehir

951am…They were not all inner city kids—King from Plano, Jackson from Austin (no inner city). Webber went to private School. The one group in the inner city that gets everything it needs and wants and more are good athletes a la Jalen Rose. Rose’s comment about Duke and Grant Hill was purposeful to create buzz for the documentary. He produced the fucking thing. Contrary to the impression you give, the Fab Five was considered cool and I was there to watch them. Were they exploited? Of course. But that doesn’t allow them to take money under the table. They cheated. You glossed it over. You tried to set it up as some race war. Seems to me the all-white crowd sellout crowd at Crisler game after game was into them. You tried to set them up as persecuted but they were not. They hung themselves with their petard. Webber allegedly took 200G. They went to UM not because of Juwan pushing. They went becaus of money and Perry Watson coming in a package deal. You want more I will give you more. It was biased shit ass journalism with a point of view you had going in. Rose et al act like the were going to Podunk State. UM is one of the best universities in the country, better than Duke. If anybody were Uncle Toms it was the Fab Five. Had they gone to Memphis would have been different. And this inner city woe is me crap for athletes is false cliched bullshit and you know it. They are identified at nine. Stick to fucking hockey. Your doc sucked and was sensational because Rose and you wanted it sensational. Have you been to Plano Texas? I have. Show me the mean streets. Same with Austin. Gimme a fucking break. you want to fuck with me on journalistic credentials, let’s go. Any place. Any time…1008am


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