4/24/11 - Buzz goes after things that suck: Frank McCourt, USAir, Sen. Ensign, Phillies lineup, Tea Partiers, Donald Trump

1005am…Latest Daily Beast offering: http://thebea.st/flpOLQ Can’t rant any better than the column. McCourt as I say is a “vile piece of shit.” Oops. Somebody asks why I have such a problem with USAir. Maybe because it’s a disgrace to passengers. Treat us like cattle. UsAir: surly attendants. hate to work. Seats made for midgets (I mean diminutive people). Charge for everything. Cancel 99% of flights. What do i think of LeBron and Heat? They are going to win it all. Watched last night. They are in rhythm. LeBron playing the role he should. All sports teams should be community owned. We pay hundreds of millions anyway for their fucking stadiums. Because the McCourts did not settle, the legal fees of their divorce proceedings—$19.1 million and only going up. I don’t care how many fucking lawyers someone has? How can they charge $19.1 million. Better supply strippers and boy toys. Anybody notice this police inspector Castro getting off? Motherfucker was totally guilty. Why prosecuting police is worthless. How come when Philly policeman Castro was suggested to use violence, he didn’t just fucking say no? Entrapment my ass. Sen. Ensign is finally resigning over porking all the members of his staff. Where the fuck God on this one? Too busy killing journalists. On Chapter 17 of my book about my twins by the way. One more chap. Then I read it over and drown myself. Wife no. 3 returning from Middle East July. Should I read anything into her asking me not to be there, just the dog. Let’s face it Philly fans: Sixers still suck, Flyers choking, Eagles lousy, Phillies will be hitting under .200 in matter of weeks. Christ, don’t fucking tweet in two weeks I’m up to 21,803 followers. Tweet and I go back down to 21,500. What the fuck is wrong with people? No longer a jury of peers in America: jury of moronasaureses have minds made up before a single word of testimony. Jury of dogs be better. People do have a problem on Twitter with offensive language. Like they never hear word the fuck. Unless tea partiers. Believe in the stork. Of course it’s monasaurus to predict how Phillies will do. Fuck that. On a civil jury. Knew the defendant both lawyers and the plaintiff. Think I fucked one of the wives in HS. Still considered picking me. Best thing so far about Phillies: Werth is proving himself to be absolutely werthless and biggest money bust since Bobby Bonilla with Mets. Phillies line-up all fucked up: Ruiz lead off, Howard 2, Francisco 3, Victorino 4. Polanco 5. Rollins 6. Forget Ibanez and no 2nd baseman. Message to profanity prude morons. Because I wrote FNL doesn’t mean I swear in person. Swear all the fucking time fuckwads. Jesse Biddle is doing okay. In middle class A. Got nailed last week but struck out Bryce Harper twice. Apparently he is dumb as rockasauri. It is Easter weekend. Should restrain myself. May all the good little kiddies find all the fucking easter eggs. Thought Easter was the resurrection of Ivan DeJesus anyway. if Jesus Christ can hit 25 dingers for Phillies, I am in. How Tea Party celebrates Easter: Put on bunny costumes, arm themselves with muskets and shoot the shit out of each other. Have no problem with Reds’ pitcher Leake shoplifting. Why fucking Macy’s? Might as well got to Big and Tall. Offensive about Tpartiers: Dress up in bunny costumes use portable missiles bought from Chinese to kill each other singing National Anthem. Anybody see Win Win? Hear it’s good. Can’t wait until Trump becomes president. Will order statues of him in every urban park and town square in America. Offensive about Tea Partiers: Put on Bunny costumes, fuck like bunnies to have little Mormons. One minute left. Successfully wasted day except Daily Beast column a good one: http://thebea.st/flpOLQ Spread the column. Trump is a fucking blowhard moron. He became rich because his daddy was rich. Complete supposition on my part. Don’t want fucker to sue me. Repeat: tweet about Trump being fucking douche juice dongasaurus moronasaurus blowhardasaurus conjecture. Just wish I had his hairpiece. All right. Time is up loyal twitterites. Happy Easter. Find those eggs and shove it down Tea Party throats to muzzle them for half a second…1104am


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